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My Diary ( 2-4 Oct '09)


I'm getting bored when i was wake up earlier diz morning..dun no what can i my cellphone n checking my many mesages oo..i'll replying it later...then edited the picture ..beijing still in my memory... I juz come back from Pangkor Island actually last evening..and this time is my third trip to diz place..but i got new place to go...Seagull Resort..small room but very nice to sleep..before, i went to Pangkor Village n Teluk Dalam Resort...nice view to see...our class vacation took three days to have some activities such as snokerling, swimming, boating, beach volleyball, BBQ, fishing (my fren caught shark but too small la), karaoke, feed the hornbill n many more n last day we had an island tour..Dutch Fort, The Mini Great Wall of China and Food's Factory..we were going through the village of chinese, malay and indian's community..we can see the differences of their culture even though they are living on nearly places.. kali ketiga pergi sana tak la kekok sangat tp panasss..aku kena sunburn...ehe..memang cepat..kalau nak cerah balik memang lama..jd jgn la terkejut kalau terserempak dgn aku...Every morning n evening, i went to 'mandi-manda'. then 'sunbathing (kononnya nak tiru gadis2 org putih di panas la..ehe..) was not my fault la kawan..ehe.. minggu2 depan pula, maybe i will going to cameron highland to make research n complete my assignment..kajian atmosfera.. prof.dr.zainudin will leading us for three days..pengarah program bagi aku tugas jadi photographer la pula..uhu..kali ke-5 aku g sana nanti...tak boring tapi akan pening penat lelah semput la..dah la jalan bengkang-bengkok..i hope our bus driver will driving with careful..gaung dalam tu...ehe..(andainya aku pergi dulu)..aku nak sambung tido balik...dah hampir pkul 7 pagi..tido sekejap la..bye..n have a nice sleeping..!!!
3:04 PM

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Hornbill (Our Pride Bird)

Hornbill (Our Pride Bird)