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Weekly Prayer Focus : Sex


"You are to be My holy people." Exodus 22:31

The People:

Again this week, let us pray for the people of Haiti. While there are many needs in the world, the people of Haiti have lost over 100,000 people in the last few weeks to a tragic earthquake. Please pray that the love of God would be poured out on Haiti and that the survivors would be fed and cared for and that they would all come to know the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Prayer Focus:

We are to be holy to the Lord. One key way for this to happen in our lives is for us to ask God to keep us pure sexually.

Sex is a powerful attraction. In marriage blessed by God, it can be a great blessing. But outside of marriage we must be very careful. The Bible teaches that sex is only for marriage. That means if you are not married you must not have sexual relations with one another. If you are married, you may only have relations with your wife or husband. The Bible is very clear on this. When Jesus came to earth, He gave an even stronger teaching. Jesus said that if you even looked at a woman with the intent of lusting after her, it was as if you had committed adultery with her.

Then who can be pure? We must be honest and say all of us have sinned in some way in thought, word, or deed before the Lord. But there are two pieces of great news! First, the wonderful news is that Jesus Christ died for our sins. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and sincerely ask forgiveness of our sins, God cleanses us from all unrighteousness. We are clean before God. Second, God has sent His Holy Spirit who will live in our lives and give us the power to stand against sin in our lives. So whether it is sexual temptation or any other kind of sin, God is greater than the sin and He will give us the power in our lives to stand against sin.

One final word: with God's strength, stand against temptation. If you know that a certain place or person will tempt you to do evil, it is a good idea stay away from that person or place. "Bad company corrupts good morals." God gives us the power, but He also expects us to use common sense. If the fire is too hot, keep your hand away from it and you will not be burnt. Ask God for wisdom and for His power and He will help you and He can enable you to have great victory.

So, this week, let us pray that

  • God will help all of us -- you and me -- be pure and holy and keep away from sexual sin

  • God will help you stand strong against sin and avoid temptation

  • God will help our friend Paul have a successful operation this week and emerge in good health

THANK YOU so much for your prayers for our staff and volunteers here at Global Media Outreach. We need so much your prayer support! You play a key and vital role in helping reach the world for Jesus Christ.

May God bless you,

Your friends at Global Media Outreach

7:07 AM

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Hornbill (Our Pride Bird)

Hornbill (Our Pride Bird)