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Jalur Gemilang at KHAR


Hye fren..This year, our college's residents didn't celebrate 52th Malaysian Independents' Day cheerfully so that we have no fireworks or any function at college..u know why? This is due to H1N1 pandemic disease our university’s management prohibit us from make a gathering..So cruel u know..Anyhow, we have a small gathering that was leaded by our college's principal just at the edge of futsal's court and waving some flag that were given by our lovely JMK meanwhile patriotic songs played just to raise student’s Independent’s spirit of course to 1Malaysia theme. .. personally, i am very2 disappointed about our biro's cancelled program, onward one unity..Sorry..i just use broken English..we are trying very hard to let the students (future teacher) knowing the various Malaysian culture apart of Malay culture such as Bornean's culture, also Chinese and Indian community culture ..never mind, we still have our unity spirit. Picture above that was taken by me 2 days before ‘Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia ke-52’ at court after some speech from PM. Ahmad Zaidi, our lovely ‘pengetua’. Thanks to my JMK, Jessica and Priya..that also our effort..finally…

2:22 PM

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Hornbill (Our Pride Bird)

Hornbill (Our Pride Bird)